Chia Seeds Bread

Chia seeds are full of heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids. They are also extremely protein-rich—28 grams contain 14% protein. Chia seeds can efficiently control post-meal blood sugars, converting the glucose into a slow-release carbohydrate.

Taste great, Light on the stomach, helps to lose weight, Suitable for everyone, Natural and Fresh smell.

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Healthy and Tasty

About REEF Chia Seeds Bread

Rich in vitamins, rich in minerals, rich in fiber (+35%), Rich in proteins, Baked by natural gas,  Contains whole grains Made from natural ingredients.

No Added Sugar, Preservatives free, Cholesterol free, Free of artificial flavor and colors, Free of trans fat, Contains gluten, Dairy products free, Nuts free, Egg-free, Low Calories.


Chia Seeds, Wheat flour, Wheat bran, natural yeast, a little of sea salt

Nutrition Value

Serving Size 38g


Nutrition Facts

Serving size 38 g
Amount per Serving
Calories From Fat9.5 Kcal السعرات الحراريةمن الدهون
Total Fat   g    1.1إجمالي الدهون
Saturated Fat   g    0.2الدهون المشبعة
Trans Fat   g    0الدهون المتحولة
Iron   g    7الحديد
Cholesterolmg   0كوليسترول
Sodiummg   39.4صوديوم
Total Carbohydrate   g    19.9الكربوهيدرات
Dietary Fiber   g    4الألياف الغذائية
Sugar   g    1.4سكر
Added Sugar   g    0سكر المضاف
Protein   g    6بروتين
PotassiumMg   207.5بوتاسيوم
CalciumMg   30.0كالسيوم
Weight0.270 kg


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